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We are a full service company manly functioning on Pharmaceutical Personal Care Transportation and Tour Services General Import and Export services Agri-business and agro-processing Food and Beverages Cleaning and Janitorial Services And more.

Kiyanni Group Africa is a group of companies originating from Africa with its headquarters in Accra Ghana. We are a vibrant group of companies with current active operations in Accra-Ghana and Addis Ababa-Ethiopia. Our branch companies are locally operated but with a strong global focus. The first company established in 2012 in Accra Ghana was focused on Agri-business with specific operations in Pepper farming for export to overseas markets. Since its inception in 2012, the company has successfully cultivated over 20 acres farm land and produced quality chilli pepper sold both locally and overseas.

The company believes in people and as a result engages the services of young, brilliant and smart African graduates particularly in the areas of business and service deliver, customer experience, farm management, export market development etc.

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